Monday, 6 July 2015

Thank Goodness

The excessive humidity has finally gone away - I was beginning to feel wilted!

The weather forecast for this and next week, looks far more amenable which is just as well, as my vegetables are going to seed. So annoying. Even those I have sown into modules to replace them don't look very happy.

The leeks in the modules are not great either and I think this might be the first year where I won't be able to grow any. I could buy some but they are too expensive once postage is added. It isn't too late to get them off the market but they only sell Musselburgh and they get rust.

Beetroot and Spinach are going to seed - again - need to sow - again! It is all very disheartening, I have never had such a bad year. Lets hope I can rescue the situation otherwise my shopping bill will rise not only for summer but winter as well as we eat a lot of leeks normally.

On a positive note though, we had a decent amount of rain yesterday which has helped matters and I have harvested most but not all of the gooseberries which were so ripe they were falling off. I should have posted a picture of the harvest but I accidentally erased it:(

Anyway, we have managed to harvest around 5lb half of which are suitable for eating as they are, the other half has been frozen for use in winter.


  1. I think it's the same for all of us this year.

    My leeks have come to nothing. They were outside for six months, stayed exactly the same size as when they went in, so I brought them into the polytunnel, even with feeding, watering and mollycoddling they are only a fraction bigger, if some of them hadn't keeled over and died I would have sworn they were made of plastic!!

    So much has either died, gone to seed or been eaten by animals I feeling pretty down about it :-(

    It does seem to be a good year for Gooseberries though, lots of folk including my neighbour are having bumper crops, it's just a shame I only planted my bushes as cuttings last year and they are too young to fruit, I have my fingers crossed for some fruit next year :-)

    1. Hopefully these next few cooler weeks will do the trick.

  2. We had a good rain yesterday morning which has helped a bit, most things here are looking OKish. I didn't count the number of punnets of goosegogs I've picked to sell but at least a dozen everyday for a week or two, multiply by 500g and that equals a goodly amount of scratches!

    1. I think today should give us some more rain which will be welcome. Glad I didn't have to pick that many!

  3. It is certainly a funny old year, my gooseberries are like little bullets, even the birds won't touch them! But broad beans are going great. The rain is certainly helping now, you are right it was far too hot especially since we seem to have gone straight from cold winter to boiling summer, what happened to spring? Xxx


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