Monday, 21 September 2015

The Slow Clothing Movement

First of all, welcome to Janet Hambly and frederique via Bloglovin.

Rhonda had a Friday link, a couple of weeks ago,  to this thoughtful idea. You can find the article here

As part of my road to liberation from using/wearing potentially harmful ingredients on me and my family, I read this article with interest. I have needed some more winter clothing for a few years now and took this oppurtunity to invest in some 100% cotton clothing or clothing that was at least 50% cotton or another 'natural' product, if I found something I really liked.

My new mantra for de-cluttering/going natural is this: 1 item in 1 item out - now how simple is that.

I found 4 lovely long sleeved shirts that were 100% cotton, 3 pairs of trousers likewise, 1 long sleeved shirt that was 100% Viscose and a jumper with a 50% Wool/Acrylic blend (read here for ingredients of Viscose). Only thing letting me down was the Acrylic part of the jumper - but it is called the slow movement for very good reasons. It is mainly about changing your attitude and that can take time.

Out went 8 items of clothing,  to a charity shop to balance out my wardrobe. Some cotton but now too big for me. I then put in the pile 3 more jumpers that are 100% Acrylic. All in all, I feel that is a good start.

I tend to keep my clothes for years and years. The trousers I put in the charity bag are several years old but have never fitted on the waist properly, always having a saggy sticking out bit at the back of the waist. The new ones have a fully elastic waist.

A few cotton stretched tops have gone into my rag rug bag.


  1. We have had the mantra one in one out for a number of years. In hubbies case its one in two to the work pile. Hubby uses up old things for work as they end up with burn holes in, then they go straight in the bin. My weight fluctuates by 12lb which is a dress size so I have 2 sets of clothes. I am trying to come to terms with donating thee smaller clothes to charity but its hard.

    1. I was the same for a while but have managed now to keep my weight relatively stable of late so I got rid of all the larger items.

  2. I cannot wear acrylic at all. It has an odor that makes me ill. Acrylic makes me hot and sweaty, even standing still. I found silk and cotton sweaters in 2001. I am still wearing the first one out of the eight I bought. These can go to the nursing home with

    Practical Parsimony

    1. I didn't have my glasses so couldn't read the label until I got home but do love it. I am now on the lookout for some cotton ones.


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