Wednesday, 25 November 2015

GF Orange 'Bakewell' Tarts

Welcome to Katherine Hodge via Bloglovin.

Six of these are for Christmas, the rest for us to eat over the next few days.

Using 1 1/2 times the GF pastry mix used in the mince pies, see here
I found it easier to use 1 large rather than 1 1/2 medium eggs to bind it all together. In fact, just a little less than 1 large egg sufficed.

After being cooled in the fridge for 10 minutes, the pastry was cut in half, each half rolled and re-rolled to get 12 large cicles for the tins. The tins had been greased with lard and GF flour. I find greasing the pans with butter, it seems to boil out during baking:
Each pastry shell was filled with a level teaspoon of home made marmalade:
They were topped with a mixture of 3oz of ground almonds, 2oz sugar, mixed together with a medium egg and 4 - 5 drops of orange oil extract.

Two rounded teaspoons of this mix was put on top of each base before they were baked for 25 minutes at 200C:
They look and smell lovely.


  1. Ooooh these sound and look lovely. I think I will try them instead of making mince pies....which I am truly sick to death of.
    Thanks for the idea.

    1. I often do this topping on mince pies as I also get fed up if not careful.

  2. I have a batch of Ashbourne Ginger Biscuits in the oven as I write...the smell is rather glorious.
    Your Bakewells...a place not far from Ashbourne! look very tasty too....warm with custard?

    1. Lovely! We also loke ginger biscuits. Might eat these as is or with some custard.

  3. They look lovely. Is making the GF pastry getting easier the more you do it? I guess there is a knack to GF baking that takes some practice, it's fascinating watching your progress.

    1. Touch wood, the pastry has been okay from the start. The bread first time wasn't too bad but a different recipe went very weird. Going to try again with that soon.


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