Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Project finished...

Welcome to Sharon Deasy via Bloglovin.

I mentioned many weeks ago, that I was about to start a project. It has been getting put off in lieu of other things that needed doing. Frankly, it probably would still be on the go after the New Year, if I hadn't made myself finish it (with help from DB).

We had one of those small wooden stools, that has woven plastic string to form the seat. It wasn't in the best of condition, having been used for many indoor and outdoor jobs.

I asked DB to take the string off, and cut it down th just above the struts at the base of the legs. He gave it a coat of undercoat and created a top for it:
I then gave it several coats of paint, in a made up colour that would suit the front room:
We used various foam and other things from defunct outside seats and created a sandwich of them:
Put them on the top, before covering them with batting- the only thing we had to buy:
The material for the top, along with an under material were then added, and stapled into place:

More tomorrow!


  1. Will be nice, I have always fancied doing a big of recycling of furniture .

    1. Some nights I have a draught around my feet so thought this would help.

  2. Looking good! My husband has a low coffee table (too low for anything useful) he uses with a cushion) - so something like this is ideal. Good recycling!

  3. Excited to see the finished article.

  4. What a great project. Looking forward to seeing the rest.


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