Thursday, 28 January 2016

New Flour Order

First of all, well done to Johanna Konta, Jamie Murray and Andy Murray for all reaching the semi finals of the Australian Open. Even though you went out in the semi final Johanna, overall, it was a wonderful event for you.

The first time I ordered gluten free products, I used this company. This time around, I found another one, Shipton Mill, which can be found here. Their prices are lower for larger packs, which are all organic, but they do primarily, only sell flour. If you require other foods, try the first company.

As I didn't know first time around, which flours I would use more, which we would prefer, I took pot luck on ordering. After nearly 2 months, we know what we like. This order reflected our tastes.

Ordered on Sunday, they arrived by carrier on Tuesday. We got an email from the carrier to let us know what hour they would deliver, which is very useful!

 I ordered - 2.25kg brown teff flour, 2.25kg brown rice flour, 2.25kg tapioca starch, 1.5kg buckwheat flour, 1kg chestnut flour, .75kg millet flour and .75kg potato starch.

We still have quite a few small bags of the previous order of flours, but hardly any of the above which shows what we are using.


  1. Those sound a really interesting group of flours you've ordered. I'm so glad that you found out, almost by accident when you were cooking for your Christmas guest, that going gluten free was improving your health.
    The only comment I would make is that if you cook for someone who is gluten intolerant you need to be sure that the flours are not contaminated by wheat flour milled in the same mill.
    It was thought not long ago that Coeliacs could not eat oats. Now many do eat oats, which broadens their diet enormously, but only if the oats are milled in a separate mill, not one milling wheat flour. Contamination was the issue alhough a small percentage of Coeliacs are unable to tolerate gluten free oats either. I love your blog. You always give me some new angle to think about. Sue

    1. My Christmas guest isn't Coeliac so that is okay. I do know about being careful but I actually don't know anyone with it, whom I am likely to cook for. Thanks for the info though, especially about oats.

  2. Replies
    1. Organic and good prices, a good combination methinks.

  3. What is 'teff flour'? Know all the other ones. Will go away and Google if I must...but much prefer chatting with a person, if you know what I mean!

    1. Teff is a tiny grain, like poppy seed, a real powerhouse for its size. It comes in various colours and is packed full of calcium. It is a resistent starch, good for blood glucose management amongst other things.


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