Friday, 11 March 2016

Biscuits for our walking days

Dear E. has now become used to eating GF treats on our walking days as far as the before the walk snack goes. This week, I chose to make these biscuits but as I didn't have any hazelnuts, substituted toasted cashew nuts:
The top two rows were baked on a double lined baking sheet. Top row shows the top of the biscuits and the second row, the base, quite a difference isn't there?

The bottom two rows I used the grill pan with its rack and put a silicon baking mat on the rack. As you can see, a more even bake.

I get so annoyed with the baking sheets as they are new, quite expensive but seem to make everything catch, even with double layers of parchment/silicon paper or silicon liner.

Anyhow, this grumble aside, these are light and delicious. I bought some walnuts on our food shopping for this week and shall try them again with those.

You do need to leave a good gap between them as they do spread when baking. In one or two places I think I cut them a little thick so shall try to get them more even next time.


  1. Cashew Biscuits sound better than hazelnut ones anyway! hope you have a wonderful weekend,
    All the Best
    Fast - SoS

  2. iuse silpat baking sheets they are a delight to use

    1. I think they might be the ones I was after rather than the ones I got!

  3. I think I could eat those in one sitting on my own, blow sharing them!! Xxx

  4. Have tried to comment twice with no success. These look and sound delicious. Thank you for the lovely recipes you are researching, improving and posting. I loathe shop bought biscuits and cakes. GF ones are expensive too so to have recipes that I know will work ( because you say so!) is wonderful. The idea of using a rack covered with silicon is a brainwave. Just on question. How fragile are they? Sue.

    1. I don't know why it is difficult to comment, just another Blogger problem no doubt. Yes, these are very fragile fresh from the oven so more than one tray required. Once cool they are fine. This amount was fine for us and stayed crisp for several days, double up and they might need to be refreshed in the oven?

      Thanks for the compliment.


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