Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Coffee and walnut cake

Well done to Johanna Konta for getting through her match, brilliant play. Commiserations to Andy, you were just not right from the beginning. Onwards and upwards!

Seeing this cake on my favourite GF site, I decided to give it ago albeit half the recipe. I carefully wrote down everything I needed and put it in the oven. I misread the method and did it 'all in one' and it was okay.

It seemed a little lumpy on the top as it started to bake but seemed to recover. Once cool, I made up 1/3rd of the coffee icing (although for us, 1/4 would have been better). We are not too keen on butter icing so next time, might add a coffee chocolate ganache!

Anyway, the recipe for it can be found here. Herewith the photographs:

Later in the day, I went to microwave something and guess what, I found the butter I had previously softened for the cake - oops! I have never, ever forgotten to put the fat into a cake so was worried how it would taste and stay fresh. Needn't have, we had some of the sponge by itself and it was great.

I shall make it again without the butter just to confirm it all and if it is still great, will put that down as the recipe. Certainly would save on the calories and cholesterol!


  1. Looks scrummy. Love coffee and walnut cake.

  2. We divided it into twelve portions to eat over the week.

  3. Ooh Coffee and Walnut cake, one of my favourites. Im with you on having less butter cream in fact I like it better without. Enjoy!


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