Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Making GF crackers

Firstly, welcome to Theresa Griffiths via Bloglovin and Penny via here.

Recipes for gluten free crackers are as varied as those for gluten free bread, and believe me, there are some that look great and taste not good at all. The problem with most crackers you can buy is that they fall apart very easily and are usually very expensive for what you get!

Anyhow, a few trials in and the first successful recipe I have tried is this one but why you would want sweet crackers for a savoury topping I'm not sure. Anyhow, I made half of the recipe and dropped the sugar by half. We found them way too sweet so have decided to make them with none at all.

I also might try making them with olive oil rather than butter sometime. Once I can get the recipe to suit our tastes, I can then tinker with it more. I had to cook them for 12 rather than 9 minutes and the second try were slightly thicker but larger. Next time, I shall make them more cream cracker size but thinner like the first tray.

We didn't get many from the half batch (20), but they did not fall apart and other than their sweetness, they tasted nice. She recommends they are eaten within 2 days so I presume they will go soft. However, having a dehydrator I think next time, once cooled, I shall use that to see if they can stay crisp for longer, more like normal crackers.

Here are some before baking:
A tray fresh from the oven:
Stored in an airtight jar:
We had 5 each for lunch with some garlic cream cheese, pears and a banana!

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