Sunday, 24 April 2016

Square cutters, scones and yorkshire puddings...

I have only really used round biscuit/scone cutters but fancied some square ones for a change. The first thing I made with them, using the second largest cutter, were a half batch of GF cheese scones:
I think the largest one would work really well to create small, individual pizza's!

One of the GF food products I have been wanting to try to make is Yorkshire Puddings. I have had a few unsuccessful attempts from the myriad recipes online. However, using the recipe from my faviourite author The Gluten Free Alchemist, I have succeeded. Her recipe can be found here although we had more than enough mixture to make the 12 I wanted. Next time, I shall try either one third or two thirds of it depending on whether we want Yorkshire pudding and golden syrup for pudding:)

Here they are about halfway through cooking:
And fully cooked ready to serve:
Aren't they beautiful? They tasted lovely. We had 3 each with our casserole followed by 3 each with syrup for pudding. The only problem I had was despite greasing the pan well, adding a good amount of fat into the base, getting it smoking hot etc, they completely stuck:( We got them out in the end though but have now bought a better pan to do them in!

My new River Cottage GF cookery book also has a recipe in it for these, so we shall try those next time and report back.


  1. You really are getting creative with your gf cooking, everything looks great. My River Cottage cookbooks are probably my most used books xx

    1. Most of my recipes come from the gluten free alchemist but I hope to find some nice ones in my new book.

  2. Wow they look great!
    I do have a non-stick pan that I use which is relatively new, and I think this probably helps to unstick them!

    1. Thank you, they came out the new pan better.


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