Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Oat, chocolate and cranberry cookies

Welcome to Tracy Kearns via here.

These cookies, the recipe for which can be found under the gluten free tab above as Oat and Chocolate Chip, are very easy to make and although classed as gluten free, don't use anything especially gf, the main ingredient being oats.

I didn't have enough chocolate chips so put in some cranberries instead. I used a mini scoop to create them, which is easier than rolling them fresh although they roll well if chilled. I forgot to flatten them before they went in and although lovely and crisp fresh out the oven, have softened slightly since.

That is my fault for adding cranberries but mainly not flattening them, and not the fault of the recipe as I have made these numerous times and they usually stay crisp.

The recipe made 22:
Ooops you noticed - one missing:)

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