Monday, 3 April 2017

Second blanket and weight loss update

Having enjoyed (and still enjoying) my first crocheted blanket, I thought I would start another one, ready for next year.

I already have enough squares for one half of it, in various stages of completion. Herewith its 'map':
The gap on the bottom row has now been finished with another pale purple. I am currently putting the border on those without one, then each row will be joined together. When all four rows are joined, it will have its top line of the peach colour to make it fit better into our room.

We have been watching what we have been eating for about 10 weeks now. I am pleased to say I have lost 8lb and DB 12lb. My old rather baggy jeans have been put into the recycle bag for use as something else and I now have two new pairs. We both feel better but as I have just gone back onto my beta blockers, I hope it doesn't pile back on!


  1. The blanket is looking lovely. Well done on the weight loss both of you. In the last 10 months I have gained and lost a stone... twice! That has mainly been down to medication :(

    1. Thank you. Pills have a lot to answer for regarding weight don't they?

  2. I like the colours. Well done on the weight loss xxx


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