Monday, 5 June 2017


In Lidl last week, for the princely sum of £1, they had punnets of living salads/vegetables. This one, a mix of Japanese Spinach and Red Pak Choy, held 34 plants, so very good value for money.

Once separated, I managed to find room for most of them in my raised vegetable gardens.

The other bargain was this box of Blueberries, weighing 2.5kg, for just £4. We went back today to get another box, although this one had a few more squished ones in it. We reckon we still will have 2.25kg so again, very good value for money. They are all now in the freezer for use later in the year.

I love a good bargain!


  1. It's a great idea to split the salad so each peace grows in its own right. My lettuce is coming on leaps and bounds, time to sow some more mixed leaf. I bought a tray (10)of busy Lizzie's back in April. I replanted them to bring them on quicker and there were 12 plants, then the wind snapped two pieces off so I put them in water and they've rooted. Bargain 14 plants £2.

  2. I bought those Japanese spinach salad plants too! Good strong plants they are too. They will be dotted around the beds. What a bargain eh?

  3. Blast! I went to Aldi and not Lidl last week and missed it xxx


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