Friday, 29 September 2017

Changing a lightbulb - conversion chart

Do you stand in front of the lightbulb counter in shops, totally confused as to what size you need and saying to yourself "I just want a light bulb"

Here is a chart that might help you. It came from here:

DB carries a version of the above in his wallet all the time. It comes in very useful.

Obviously, you also need to know whether you need a bayonet or screw fixing. The bayonet has a push and twist action to it, with a locating pin on either side of said base. The most common size being a 22mm diameter - a BC or B22d. The more unusual slimline base, is a SBC or B15d which is 15mm in diameter.

Screw based bulbs also come in two sizes, again from the same site as found here: 
The site is a mine of useful information! Hope this is of use to you and have a lovely weekend folks. 


  1. I just take a photo of the bulb I've removed and look at it once I'm in the shop. So far all the bulbs have had the range of bulbs the code covers.

    1. A good idea but on our last occasion of buying we were looking for brighter ones to replace it with.

  2. That's brilliant! Its definitely one of life's conundrums..... Bookmarked! x

  3. Thank you. That is really helpful.


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