Thursday 7 September 2017


Not everyone likes dogs too much and I wasn't fussed either way until the grand dogs arrived. If dogs ran full pelt towards me, I would initially tighten up then relax and stay calm. Now generally I am relaxed and greet them.

This week, we were walking along a beach when a lab and collie ran towards us at high speed, tails wagging (an important clue), to say hello. They enjoyed a quick rub before bombing off to greet another couple. Their owner was calling them back but it was so windy I am not sure they could hear!

The lady of the couple, who clearly wasn't keen or even scared of dogs, was carrying a carrier bag. She panicked and kept lifting up her bag and telling them to go away. Unfortunately for her, they thought that a great game. Eventually they ran back to their owner and as she walked towards us and told us, in no uncertain terms, that we should have called our dogs back!

They aren't ours I replied!

I do feel for people who are scared of dogs but flapping with bags and hands, screaming or running away isn't the right thing to do. Try turning your back or just standing as calmly as possible. Hopefully they will just greet you then return to their owner.


  1. I am a dog lover - had dogs up to having children - but for the last 20 plus years have had cats. I'm still hopeful of having another dog but not while the cat's here as she's terrified of them. (I don't know why I like dogs as much as I do as my very first cat (who was just like a dog in his ways) was mauled by an unruly dog and died).

    1. I dislike cats mainly because of them pooing in our garden! Sad about your first cat though.

  2. I love dogs, though was nervous of them when I was a young girl xx


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