Monday, 18 September 2017


Despite using a codling moth trap, the little blighters got to our apples and there were few that were unscathed. However, bad bits cut out, we have been eating our own apples for 6 weeks now. The red pears have all been eaten during that same time period.

Saturday, I picked the rest of the Egremont Russet apples - our favourites - but they have been badly affected. Here they are, steeping in cold water and vinegar to get some of the bugs out and drowned:
I  used some of the worst affected this weekend in an apple and blackberry crumble. They just have the most amazing taste.

Our Comice pears are starting to fall so guess they are ready. We found these 4 on the ground this morning. Only slightly bruised:
There are another 21 left on our little trained tree, our best year ever! We reckon they will take us a few weeks to use so shouldn't need to begin buying fruit again maybe until mid October.


  1. Unfortunately we always seem to have to share our garden produce with something! I had mice after my peas, birds after the cherries and beetroot tops! Cabbage whites after the's never ending.

    1. Sparrows kept attacking just one type of lettuce!

  2. I am missing not having the garden this year, it was always a joy harvesting fro the garden for pickles and the freezer.


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