Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Next stage of upcycling treadle table and bench

DB has been very busy painting the treadle sewing machine base with black hammerite:
and highlighting the pattern on the side of the table and the singer logo in red.

The bench is in its first trial of being a single chair:
He hasn't yet painted the metal work with hammerite. All the rotten wood has been removed and being sanded back to its original state. It is hardwood so once repainted, should last quite a while.

We have bought new bolts to attach the wood but will leave them shiny for now as a form of decoration.

Final stages are underway!


  1. It will be lovely! My husband made three benches in various sizes using the metal from old ones. He used new wood, though. It's been about ten years and they still look fabulous!

  2. Looking forward to the next installment!!Hubby is going a brilliant job.

  3. What a good idea to have it as a chair. We have bench ends that were waiting to be turned back into a bench, but I think a chair would be much more useful ... and easier to move around too.

    1. It is still heavy as I found out when moving it!


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