Thursday, 30 November 2017

All day...

I have been thinking it is Friday!

Not as cold for us overnight as predicted but boy, is it making up for it now. Strong winds, very cold and occasional sleet snow showers. We think the heavier snow showers have passed us by.

We have spent most of the day indoors apart from a quick scurry around to the post office to post letters and buy stamps.

We have just finished writing Christmas cards out and will post them tomorrow. Keep warm everyone here.


  1. No snow in Suffolk, but by golly that wind across the fields is cold.

  2. No snow here either, but heavy frosts and bitterly cold.

  3. We've had a few snow showers in the East Midlands - looks very festive!

  4. We had snow and rain mixed yesterday, but today the sun was shining and things melted a bit. The wind is cold however. Stay warm.

    God bless.


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