Friday, 24 November 2017

Finished ... I think!

I have added a single ruffle all the way around my jerkin - to change it from this:
To this:
And this:
Better I think. I am trying to decide whether to leave it at a single ruffle or just double the width of the ruffle up to front to make it come closer together at the front.

At least it keeps my back nice and warm. Have a grand weekend everyone!


  1. It looks lovely, beautiful colours.

  2. Very nice. It seeems to sit well on you too.

  3. Fits you very well. I still love the colours you chose.

    God bless.

  4. Lovely. The ruffle looks great!

  5. That is beautiful. The ruffle looks really good.

  6. That looks great - what a great way to use crochet squares....the possibilities are endless!

    1. Not sure I will be able to follow a pattern yet.

  7. I love the colours you've chosen. I bet it's lovely and warm. Perfect for the time of year. X


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