Thursday, 23 November 2017

Piccalilli and rain

Goodness me, that was some heavy rain in the early hours of the morning, absolute cloudburst! It is still very windy here but slowling down a little. I might be able to keep the washing on the line.

Thanks for all your interesting comments regarding division of labour in and around the home.

I am a little late making a half batch of piccalilli for this year and with the price of food rising, it wasn't as cheap as normal but we like it.

Vegetables used were carrots, cauliflower, courgette, onion, red pepper, green pepper, radish and mini sweetcorn. Here they are steeping in salt overnight:
I used Pam's piccalilli recipe (you can find it on my recipe tab above. Had to change the link as the old one didn't work). I always adjust it to our tastes. Here are the finished jars:
Two for presents, the rest for us.


  1. I love piccalilli and when there were 4 of us here and we grew all our own vegetables then I would make a huge batch to last us the year. Nowadays it would take us years to eat that amount. Home made is so much nicer than shop bought though. Nice to adapt it to suit yourselves.

    1. Two are presents and it will take us until this time next year to eat the rest, unless I get a request!


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