Tuesday, 5 December 2017

All being well....

We should not have to go into a town or city until next year!

We have finished our present shopping, only weekly food to go as per normal. Just one or two extra items will be added each week for the next 3 weeks, a joint of meat still to buy, to complete that side of things as well.

Last week, the shops were relatively empty but today, by 9:30, queues were getting longer at the tills.

We saved every £2 coin we received this year and used that for most of the presents. Food buying has come in as per usual so other than one bottle of Tia Maria and one of Bailey’s which was purchased by DB, we just need to get a couple of beers and cider.

Christmas on a budget - great!


  1. You've done well! We save our £2 as well, we use them for fuel when we go on long car journeys.

  2. Good for you. Towns and shops are just so stressful in December. We also save 2 pound coins for holidays. They really add up :)


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