Sunday, 24 December 2017

Chocolate coins ...

In our basket of nuts in their shells, we like to add a bag of chocolate coins, to pretty them up a little. We had missed out on buying chocolate for the tree and couldn't find the coins we wanted at the time, so I bought a 'Frozen' film version of them.

Doh! It never occured to me they might be made of white chocolate, which neither of us is too keen on, what to do with them?

Make a pudding of course!

Looking up my recipes for GF clementine puddings, see above tab, I decided to make some of those. The sugar was reduced by 20g and 40g of finely chopped white chocolate coins added. Time will tell whether the sugar needs reducing more, or more chocolate needs adding!

Anyway, here they are ready for their lids:
Silicone paper and foil added, ready for steaming for 1 hour:
Out of their tins and cooling down ready to be frozen:
Well, they smell lovely and scraping out the tins, tasted not too shabby at all. They will do!

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  1. I like it when folks get inspired in the kitchen. I hope you enjoy those. Happy Christmas.


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