Friday, 29 December 2017

Jigsaw and Andy Murray

Welcome to Lydia and Fenella Rowe via Bloglovin.

We finished the jigsaw - 4 days:
Before we broke it up, the jigsaw carry case was tested and the whole thing shifted not one iota, so that works.

Just finished watching a one set exhibition match with Andy Murray. Bless him, he still isn't right but was warming up more after half the set and put in some occasional brilliant shots. He can't move very well yet but on occasions was able to do so, and has definitely changed his serve completely to cope with his current condition.

Can't see him playing a full match just yet and it looks like he needs to get some 'friendly' competitive games in to help get match fit. I do hope he can come back eventually and really hope he doesn't do so too early.

Like he has stated, it is no longer about playing and winning but enjoying playing. He isn't chasing ranking points or places and has won enough matches now, to chose to play what he can, in the same vein as Federer.

It was good to see him and good to see that he stepped in again to help the organisers with the exhibition match, after Novak pulled out. Also good to see that he doesn't mind about the world seeing the state and stage he is in, on his road to recovery.

Have a lovely weekend and a great New Year. We get visitors at last so shall enjoy some company.


  1. I'm beginning to think this way about my work too - although the income is important, the satisfaction and enjoyment in what I am doing is becoming far more important as the years roll on.

    1. In the same way that taking care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves theme, I think continuel micro adjustments will help take care of life.


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