Friday, 2 March 2018

Another jigsaw

DB went to a model railway exhibition last weekend. No jigsaws so he pootled around a couple of charity shops. This was one of two he brought home (£1)
He did most of it, I came in towards the end to finish it off. The next one is now started!

As a change from soup, we shall have a coronation chicken sandwich and some fruit for lunch. Weather tonight is forecasting the last of the snow. From Sunday onwards, 7C - 10C is forecast for the following werk but still with night time frosts!

Have a good weekend if you can and stay safe.


  1. A fun puzzle; Stay warm!

  2. Love that jigsaw but Sunny days and seasides seem a long time away at the moment! Keep warm

  3. Looks like a great jigsaw. We are working on one very similar at the moment.

  4. Nice puzzle!

    Glad you are in for nicer weather. Our bad weather is just starting.

    God bless.

  5. Sky - I always get left to do the sky with family jigsaws.


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