Friday, 16 March 2018


At 12.5C and not much wind to speak off, this has been the warmest day for quite a while. Unfortunately, a very cold weekend is in the forecast with more snow.

I finally felt willing to do a bit of gardening. One border was weeded, a self sown yew sapling, about 18" tall was dug out from between ours and the neighbours fence and replanted in the front garden.

It took the place of a lovely broom that lasted just one season before dying. Hopefully said sapling, a little one sided from growing along the fence, will survive and grow into a nice plant, with a bit of pruning.

A few leeks were also dug up and trimmed, ready to make soup for the weekend. A weeks worth of shopping has been done and came to just under £26. This included the ingredients to make some pork chilli con carne, to freeze for future meals.

Have a lovely weekend folks.


  1. Such a change from yesterday (Friday) to today. We've had snow here so you must have had more in Norfolk.
    That's a great price for the week's shop. :-)
    J x

    1. Just a few showers on and off, not settling.

  2. We are supposed to be getting a snow storm here later in the week. Keeping my fingers crossed that they are wrong.

    God bless.

    1. Fingers crossed here as well. Guess we all need spring to get going.

  3. We too have done some gardening at the beginning of last week when we had glorious sunshine.


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