Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Was gorgeous! A typical spring day with sun, bright blue sky and a light warmish wind. Mind you, the wind got cooler and more brisk as the day wore on.

I cut down my buddlia bush, turned the mini compost bins inside the raised beds (worms still alive), and treated the fruit trees and bushes, as well as the roses, to some bonemeal. The overnight rain should help get it into the soil to start working.

The plums are covered in tiny white fruit buds and after inspecting the other fruit trees, I can now see where their fruit buds are. Doesn’t look as many as last year but I find after a very good year, (which last year was), that they tend to have a bit of a rest.

Hopefully after the usual dismal Easter break, things might start changing!

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  1. The first days working outdoors and getting things ready to go are so satisfying.


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