Monday, 23 April 2018

Out for a 'walk'

After two attempts, I finally managed to make a bag to take Ruby out, so we can get out for some walks and not go too stir crazy whilst waiting for her to be fully vaccinated:
She wasn't fazed at all. Mind you, when we got home and she was out of it, one end of the strap peeled away when I tried to adjust it. I shall reinforce both ends tomorrow to make sure. Made from a hand towel and the strap of a bag!

We are putting her in the car cage every day and going for short drives to get her used to it. So far, after an initial whinge she gets quieter. We hope to drive further each day.


  1. What a brilliant idea to make a dog carrier! Betty was just itching to go out before her final vaccinations, the garden just wasn't big enough for her and she was so energetic and so curious. So we did the taking her out and carrying her thing too (important for their socialisation as well)....trouble was, she was such a sturdy little heffalump, even as a baby, she very quickly made our arms ache! And she wriggled so much, so desperate to get down. If we had another (no plans to!!), then a dog carrier bag would be a must.

  2. What a great idea. The more they are out and about when they are small the more they can cope with new situations when they are older.

    1. DS used either a game bag or rucksack but our rucksack is too flimsy. Can’t take her too far as she gets heavy for DB after 20 minutes or so. We shall have to share her. 9 weeks old today!

  3. Even at 4kg, she is very wriggly. It takes a while to get her in but once in, she seems and feels quite relaxed.

  4. Brilliant idea. We said we would definitely get our next dog car trained. Our Jack Russell hated the car.

  5. Brilliant idea!
    Those 9 weeks have gone so quickly.


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