Monday, 28 May 2018


We have just had our 37th wedding anniversary. Don’t do much nowadays, but walked down to a local eatery to have lunch. DB had hunter’s chicken and a pint of Guinness. I had a fruit juice and ham, egg and chips. We walked a longer way home to walk off the calories!

Our 19C weather yesterday turned into 26C. We had our hot lunch outside then all came into a slightly cooler interior of 22C! Ruby didn’t know what to do with herself so we put her in her crate and she fell fast asleep.

DS, DDiL plus grand dogs (and great grand puppy D.) are all down south. He mentioned on social media they had thunderstorms all night and the following morning. I forgot to mention that Ruby is actually our great grand dog as she was from a litter from grand dog Miss M.

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  1. Happy Anniversary and it’s nice you went out for a meal. Like Ruby, I was feeling the heat too so stayed inside at the front of the house when it was too warm.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Much love xx

  3. Happy anniversary, it's my 40th in let's see if hubby remembers.

  4. Happy Anniversary to both of you!!


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