Thursday, 31 May 2018

Crocodiles and carrots ....

On Wednesday, Ruby went to spend the day with the trainer. He got her out of the car and she sat trembling, head down at his feet, looking up at us with her best puppy eyes. We had a quick chat, he had already had an email regarding her biting and jumping up, then we left.

We went back at 5pm only to be told she had behaved impeccably! He cancelled the 1-2-1 as she was too tired and we’ll arrange it for another day if necessary. She tried to bite him once and he corrected her. She tried to jump up once, again corrected. Obviously we are not doing things correctly.

The previous day, as an aid to her teething, we filled some vegetable chews with kibble, and along with some carrots, these were added to the freezer:
She takes about 5 minutes to work her way through a chunk of frozen carrot. Normally, an empty vegetable chew, takes 10 - 15 minutes, hopefully, these will take longer. She has one of these chews twice a week as they are not only good for her to munch on, but also help keep her teeth clean.


  1. I am sure Ruby will enjoy the chews and carrots. They will definitely help with the teething.

    God bless.

    1. 5 minutes to eat a carrot and 15 minutes for a frozen crocodile. Might be quick but hopefully soothes her jaws for a while!


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