Thursday, 3 May 2018

Double ouch....

Just been prescribed antibiotics as I have an infection in my big toe! Partly due to the toenail starting to poke into the corner and a small circle of a pressure sore on the end of the toe. I had been uncomfortable in bed for a while with the duvet feeling like a heavy weight on my toe, now I know why!

Second ouch was courtesy of Ruby, though it was my own fault. She was stalking a toy when I stupidly bent down to look, mid launch. A nice tooth mark on my upper lip and another at the top of my nose. I immediately washed both with soap and water, followed by antiseptic cream.

On top of that I have dry eye so have been given drops for that.

I know ‘they’ say pride comes before a fall, but I thought 2 years ago how well I was doing, only have one or two items on prescription, now I have quite a few.

By gum, its a sod, this getting older business. Have a great weekend folks, enjoy the sun and the Bank holiday for those of us in the UK, who can get the extra day if lucky.


  1. Here's another Ouch! to add to your two!

  2. Oh dear, you are in the wars a bit at the mo....hope it all gets better soon. I consider myself fortunate that I only have 2 medications, whereas my husband's have doubled since all his cardiac stuff - he has to write in big letters on the boxes to remind himself of when to take them, morning or evening. Yes, getting older is a bugger!

    1. DB has everyone’s pills and everything else requiring an alarm on his mobile phone. We currently have so many different ring tones going off, we have to read the message so we know what we are supposed to be doing!

  3. Sorry to hear about these things...The only good about them is that they should clear up relatively soon. I hope there won't be anymore in the immediate future. Best to you both and Ruby.

  4. As I have heard said. "Growing old is not for the faint of heart." Sorry for all the ouches. Hope all heals quickly.

    God bless.


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