Tuesday, 29 May 2018


Yesterday was cooler but pleasant here, about 16C with sun. Now that the patch beneath and behind the compost bins is clear, we went to look for plants.

We chose a nursery a 20 minute drive away. As we approached, it was surrounded by mist and the thermometer on the car showed a drop in temperature down to just 7C! Fool that I was, amongst many others there, was just in a summer top and we were all frozen. The staff were all wearing jackets!

Only two plants bought plus a bag of compost to boost the depth of soil. I shall have to dig up and move some plants from elsewhere to fill it up a bit more.


  1. That was cold! More a winter temperature than a summer one. Brrrrrrr.

  2. Amazing how the weather can change over a short distance.

  3. Yes foggy hear too and so cold. Disappointing end to bank hols! Our favourite garden centre is very exposed and we have frozen there in mid summer!


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