Thursday, 10 May 2018


Last night, I had a cry. When overtired, Ruby loses self control where biting is concerned. It is no longer play biting. She was sat across the room from me and as I crossed my legs, it started her off. She ran full pelt at me, mouth wide open like a striking snake, launched at me, clamping onto an area a bit too close for comfort, near my nether regions.

I screamed which really started her off  then raised my voice. She stopped for a split second then launched again. DB came in to help and she attached herself to the top of his trousers and stayed there whilst he went out the room with her. She then had a time out in the hall!

Didn’t really help so 4 pieces off kibble was thrown into her cage and when she went after them, the door was shut. Within minutes she was fast asleep. She was her usual sunny self on waking. It would be funny if it wasn’t so painful. Training for us to help her methinks!

She was overtired for puppy socialisation a few days ago and actually went for the vet nurse, who said, 'blimey, I see what you mean". I don't think she believed us about this type of biting, now she does!


  1. I hope she breaks the habit through some training (as I see she's started due to reading a day late). Do they call ut "mouthing"? Not funny as puppy teeth are like needles. We have a cat that bites me every day - brings me to tears sometimes too!

    1. This appeared more than her usual mouthing. Been given ways to tackle it, hopefully she will stop.


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