Monday, 7 May 2018


Got a small row of carrots, radish, lettuce and beetroot sown. Also went to buy five tomatoes, Ailsa Craig, Shirley, Moneymaker, Golden Sunrise and Alicante, plus two chilli peppers, un-named! The tomatoes were ready to go into their next sized pot and as I haven’t got a mini greenhouse for this year, will go outdoors during the day, then come in at night. Same with the peppers.

Whilst out doing that, we stopped to admire a field of cowslips, just starting to go over:
This field has been planted by the farmer and is getting better every year. Some have even escaped into his other field.

Ruby was quite warm indoors yesterday evening, so she went to lie down on the cold hearth:


  1. Ruby is very sensible!
    J x

  2. Sensible and so adorable. We are just starting to get the garden sorted a little.


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