Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Food Shopping

Due to needing to buy more toiletries than normal this month, I have 2 weeks shopping still to do but only 1 weeks money left. Now, we are not so hard up that we can’t just buy the extra week. However, my frugal mindset wants not to do so!

I have checked the freezer contents. Meals added in the last few days have been indian beans and mushrooms, beef curry and currently, I am making a leftovers vegetable chilli in a large pan. It comprises carrots, onions, mushrooms, butternut squash, a packet of enchilada mix, tinned tomatoes and kidney beans and home grown chilli from last year. I reckon that will feed us both tonight as well as give us enough for 2 more meals each.

With a bit of luck, I might just make it. If not, I reckon I wouldn’t need to spend more than £10 for fresh products.


  1. Loved the birds in yesterday’s post-we are both married to talented men ( in my case patient also). Your veggie meals sound lovely but like you, I seem to need a few toiletries this month.

    1. Although I try to spread out the cost, somewhere along the line, it goes pear shaped.

  2. If anyone can do it you can!
    I'm hoping my grocery costs are going to fall now that the allotment is getting going. Fresh fruit and salad stuff has increased my costs since I've been losing weight, but I've enjoyed every mouthful so it's been worth it.


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