Sunday, 22 July 2018

Curry ...

We fancied a curry so I bought some chicken thighs, added onion, green pepper, mushrooms and chickpeas. Enough was made to feed us for lunch, freeze 2 x 2 person portions and a third one which will have some Quorn chunks added another time. I needed a double portion for my menu plan later in the month, so having a third is a bonus.

For tea we are having pastrami and gherkin sandwiches, stewed rhubarb and gooseberries with custard.


  1. We had curry too. It was a bit of an experiment… Tuna Steaks.... Cut into chunks and cooked in the curry sauce. It was very much like chicken in taste and texture. We were surprised at just how nice it was

    1. We’re not too keen on fresh tuna but glad your experiment worked.

  2. That sounds really delicious!


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