Monday, 27 August 2018

A baptism of fire and a couple of pictures...

We had just left for a longish walk Friday evening when black clouds rolled in. Thunder and fork lightening followed rapidly, directly overhead. Then hailstones followed by heavy rain.

Ruby jumped when the hailstones hit her as she could obviously feel them (as could we). Neither the lightening nor thunder seemed to bother her. We took shelter under a small conifer tree, during the heaviest part of the storm, before decided we were all so wet and cold it didn't really matter.

It took two towels to dry off Ruby mainly because she kept trying to eat them as well as play with them, so we both dried her as we were cold and wet.

She fell asleep by our feet, as close to us as possible. She wasn't shivering but I think wanted our warmth anyhow. Her coat is lovely and soft now.

I thought I would show some more pictures of my grand dogs. First, Miss M. on the left, Ruby's mum with her shadow Mr. L. In the background almost hidden from view is possibly Miss S:
This picture of Ruby was taken when DB had received some mail from DS. She loves to tear boxes up - it was everywhere:
Ruby has now finished puppy training and socialisation classes and moved up to intermediate training. Boy, we were all brain dead at the end of that. Some of the training session this time was of us all moving at the same time, weaving in and out, sitting, fetching, laying down and waiting etc. It was great fun especially when some people switched off and got completely lost and ended up in the wrong place.


  1. The training classes sound fun and the leader should be able to help with any problems you have which must be reassuring. I'm glad Ruby tolerated the noise of the storm.

  2. All such beautiful dogs, what a relief that Ruby wasn't too bothered by the thunder and lightning. The training sounds like lots of fun and hard work for all concerned.

    1. She quite often hears guns or bird scarers being fired when we walk so this was a good test of a very loud bang!

  3. Ruby looks like her mum! Love the picture of her flaked out after all that energy ripping the cardboard. Betty was the same with towels when we were trying to dry her as a puppy, she stands calmly whilst we do it now, so they do grow out of it eventually!

    1. She reminds us a lot of her mum but actually looks quite like her dad. Glad to hear they grow out of fighting us when we try to do things to help them!

  4. Ouch, being hit by hail must have hurt!

    Glad to read that Ruby is moving on in her training. Way to go Ruby (and you also of course).

    God bless.


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