Saturday, 25 August 2018


I have just been out to harvest some more of our blackberries (Brambles), 660g:

Some are still of a good size:
The rest are getting smaller, inbetween this size and the size of wild brambles.

Ruby loves them and any that are not quite up to scratch, get eaten by her over a few days.


  1. They're finishing very much sooner than usual, I think. The ones in Dad's garden are also getting smaller and his are usually enormous.

  2. Wow they're huge! Lots in the field just behind us but they're mostly tiny, and still red.

  3. We're having a really good year here in North Wales for Blackberries, the wild ones at one end of our paddock are almost as big as our cultivated ones. I am slowly but surely filling up the freezer with blackberries apples slices and chopped up marrow and rhubarb. we certainly won't go short of crumbles, pies and soup over Winter this year :-)

    1. Hoping for a few Bramley apples from our small tree if they don’t fall off like the rest!

  4. Picking blackberries is so satisfying and I have loads in the freezer but sadly this year can't eat them due to a gastric problem. Will wait for Apple's then make bramble n apple jelly. Just can't resist picking them.


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