Wednesday, 15 August 2018


I don't know about you but I think the wasps are very bad this year. We must have a nest somewhere nearby as we were inundated with dozens of 1cm long baby wasps a month ago. So far though, not many of the larger French wasps are around.

Getting fed up with not being able to sit outside for long (and eating was impossible), we bought a bottle of cheap beer and decanted it into an old yoghurt pot:
This was just one day and night, should have covered it to prevent the moths getting in:( Anyhow, one wasp and one moth were still alive so I got them out before throwing their mates down the drain. It has now been refilled.

They are still a bit of a nuisance but not as much as before. If you don’t want to kill them, place some honey on a saucer away from where you sit, should help. This is what we normally do but we have so many this year I have had to use this method for a short burst.


  1. The wasp problem got a mention on Look East the other night. They said pest controllers were getting calls about nests all the time. I know there must be one somewhere near but cant see it anywhere.
    I used a big jar, with jam dissolved in water and put greaseproof over the top with a hole in so the wasps can get in but not out. Then tipped the whole lot in the compost bin - dozens of the nasty things were in it after a few days.

  2. They've not been particularly bad round here so I think you're probably right - you have a nest nearby. They can be a real nuisance.

  3. I dislike wasps intensely. If one even comes near me when I am out, I disappear as fast as possible.

    We had a nest one year up in one of our trees. You couldn't see it for the leaves. Hope you find where they are coming from.

    God bless.


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