Sunday, 30 September 2018

Feeling better...

I started to feel slightly unwell on the drive back from DS's last Monday. Can't pin pick the time but when almost home, I started to feel nauseous. I wasn't sure if it was food we had eaten on the way home but DB was fine and we had the same thing.

We had eaten a well known takeaway pizza on Saturday. I was fine but DB had an upset gut, strange isn't it?

It slowly got worse until I wasn't sure whether I would throw up or not:( It didn't stop me wanting to eat but I was far worse after eating. Then I started to get intermittent mild bone pain that moved around during each day and from day to day.

Thankfully, today, the nausea has gone but slight bone pain remains. Sometimes in the shoulders and spine, other times knees and ankles. Then arm bones, back to the spine and shoulders, neck then all leg bones. My nose is slightly scabby inside and is uncomfortable so guess it is some sort of weird virus. Luckily I have a special nose spray so that is helping.

Actually attempting a roast chicken dinner today, so we shall see how that goes!


  1. Oh no, sounds a bit alarming! Hope you feel better very soon and the chicken dinner stays down.

  2. That really sounds most unpleasant and I'm glad things are picking up. Enjoy your chicken dinner!

  3. Hope you feel back to normal soon, and enjoy your dinner after the effort of cooking it.

  4. I hope you get back to normal very soon.

    God bless.


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