Monday, 17 September 2018

Oh dear....

We noticed that the door between the dining room and back bedrooms was open, despite us shutting it twice. I think the wind must have blown it open.

When children (and dogs) go quiet, you know something is amiss. I went into one of the back bedrooms and found this:
Looking further up the line:
Closer again:
Now, it isn't entirely the fault of Ruby as we already had a tear in the net that I hadn't repaired. I must admit, I wasn't at all mad, finding it quite funny, as it reminded me of the toilet paper advert. You know the one, the labrador puppy running away with the toilet roll unwrapping behind it.

Ah well, now it will have to be replaced. We shall keep what is left in case any small pieces are needed in future.


  1. As you say - oh, dear! Thank goodness it wasn't new.

  2. Oh no! Life with pets, eh? Warm fuzzy snuggles and, well, that. Always good to keep a sense of humor about it! :D


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