Sunday, 2 September 2018


Being such a lovely day, I thought I would tackle the small bedroom curtains and nets. Whilst they were in the wash, DB gave the whole window and surround a good wash.

Once the lace was nice and clean it went up straight from the machine as the sun was streaming in the window. That way, it dries in situ and doesn't need ironing.

The curtains are 'cheap' blackout ones with a funny rubberised backing to them. Although they said dry clean only, most of our curtains which have the same instructions, are washed gently in the machine. They come out fine.

Not these. Went to get these out and they were stuck together in lumps where some of the backing had either melted or reacted with the washing liquid. Into the bin they went:(

New curtains needed. Its a good job it has a smallish window!


  1. I washed all our bedroom curtains last week. Two sets were fine, the 3rd (for the twin spare room) shrank in the machine. When I looked at the label (after washing!) it did say wash at 30 deg, and I'd done them at 40 deg....oops here as well. They're only just about long enough now, good job they're for the spare room and we have a blackout blind for that window as well (because the early morning sun shines straight into that room).

    1. Glad it’s notjust me. I’m still blaming my puppy brain!

  2. Oh, no - as you say, ooops! You can gt blackout linings that wash perfectly well so maybe it is for the best.

  3. Oh dear I have curtains made of that stuff, which I didn't realise until I unpacked them - (bought online and cheap) I don't like them at all. So will keep for the time being until they get grotty then must remember not to wash! Hope they didn't clog up the washing machine

  4. Think I inherited a pair of my Mothers like that...long gone now...never again thank you! x

  5. It awful when something like that happens. Hope you find a bargain replacement.


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