Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Sandringham Country Show

We drove over to this on Sunday, as we both enjoy it. Ruby stayed at home as she is not up to walking around for 5 hours yet.

It was amazing how many very young puppies were being dragged around, desperately trying to stop and lay down. No one had water for most of them. They had their tails between their legs, eyes on stalks, clearly overwhelmed by it all.

I got to speak to a dog trainer I met last year about a bad habit Ruby has and he gave us some advice. We put it into practice and shall see how we go.

We planned on visiting the stalls as I needed a new waterproof coat for autumn and winter. I finally settled on one of these here.

I was going to buy a pink one but every time we see someone out in bright pink, dogs are always barking at them! I wanted green but they didn’t have my size, so settled for brown.

We were also after some wet weather boots for DB but they had none of what he wanted in his size, so he will order online. Finally we bought some wax to re-do boots and my waxed cotton hat as I mistakenly left it in the conservatory all summer and it looks very sorry for itself.

We also bought two things for Ruby for training.

We had the worst Bratwurst ever, chips not much better. At least we only bought a portion to share:(


  1. It sounds a lovely day, just a shame about the lunch. Hopefully the Ruby-advice will work.


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