Thursday, 18 October 2018

New front window...

Within a few months of moving in, we started to change our drafty single glazed wooden framed windows. We could only afford two to begin with (how times change). The lounge had two 'tilt and turn' windows put in. It was not working properly and was letting in drafts:
It now looks like this:
We also had the rotting wooden windowsill changed to a UPVC version, much better. After the old one was removed, it gave us all a glimpse of the cavity wall insulation:

All in all, a good job.


  1. I was amazed at how the noise was reduced when we had out double glazing put it. We had sash windows before and could hear everything outside, that and of course as you say, the draughts.

  2. We could do with replacing two of our attic velux windows, but are putting off for as long as we can.

  3. It looks great. No more painting window sills.

  4. Nice windows. We really like the no painting of ours so I am sure you will love that aspect.

    God bless.


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