Friday, 7 December 2018

We have used up.....

A good portion of our Christmas savings on both food and presents. Little ‘secret santa’ Christmas Eve presents are bought as are most of DS’s and DDiL’s. I have taken cash from the amount to buy those for DB otherwise receipts put on the money programme, would give them away. I still have to complete his shopping. Presents for locals, walking buddies and family members have been put to one side, or already dispatched.

Christmas cards were posted, still local ones to deliver. All in all, we are slowly getting there!

The bacon and pork fillet, plus stuffing are in the freezer ready for the big day. We have ordered a dry cured ham to pick up, then freeze next week.

I forgot about my massage, as we were late up, then had to clean and sort out Ruby, then go shopping. I phoned to apologise and offer the cash but she said no and has booked me in for next week, thank goodness.

Ruby is on day 7 of her first heat cycle. I think we may have missed a day or two of her first stage, proestrus as she has been on standing heat, second stage Estrus, since Monday. Hopefully she might start to subside by the end of next week, if we are lucky. Good job her tail position let’s us know what stage she is at!

Hope to begin putting up the decorations this weekend. Have a good weekend folks.


  1. Love the beautiful header. Try the sauce that goes with the pork fillet it is a sensation to the taste buds and well worth the effort.

  2. Christmas shopping is done here as well. Hubby and I got our gifts yesterday and for the first time ever they are not wrapped and under the tree. We are starting to use them immediately.

    Just a couple of local cards to do and of course all the baking. Should be caught up (I hope by the end of the week).

    God bless.


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