Thursday, 17 January 2019

All change.....

Cold night though no frost. Second night of little sleep. Blue sky, sunshine, brisk cold wind.
Belly full with soup and a custard tart.

Had a massage this morning and some hairs on my chin removed. Two years have past since I finished having everything not wanted removed. These naughty but weaker ones keep popping up every now and then.


  1. Do you mind me asking what hair removal method you use? Usual story here - pluck odd ones, spots arise - vicious circle!

    1. Electrolysis by a practitioner. Took 2 years once a month. A bit uncomfortable but apart from these few weaker hairs appearing every now and then, the rest have permanently gone. My massage lady does it.

  2. I am often horrified to see a long hair that I have not noticed, lol

  3. Oh heavens those chin hairs that pop up overnight and grow 6 inches a day. I have decided it is because we are reverting to Adam's rib. I do want to try a custard tart someday. I loved "As Time Goes By " and Lionel was always eating them.

  4. Custard tart! Yummy.

    God bless.

  5. I have read that as we get older, our ears continue to grow, we lose height, and hairs grow unbidden in odd places (like chins and feet) When my husband married me 40 years ago, I was 4'11", with sticky-out ears, and luxurious brown hair. Time has passed, my body has aged.... But I am concerned that one morning he will wake up and see a little Hobbit in bed beside him! I consider it one of the great mercies of the Lord that old age brings failing eyesight, and my beloved still sees me as the quirky little young woman he married all those years ago


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