Monday, 11 February 2019

Bless her!

Went to change the vet fleece on Ruby’s bed this morning and it was wet, poor thing, she must have been desperate! Removed it and the fleece mattress and got them in the wash. Also washed her day cushion cover. I like to wash them every 7 to 10 days.

A week late but we also applied her flea treatment. She doesn’t mind having it done but sometimes runs away in a grump afterwards but needs must. I’m not too worried if all of it isn’t applied as her weight is in the middle of its range and almost all is applied. It would be easier to give a pill but for the most part, this is easy and cheaper.

Got to take her to the vets this week for her pre-spay check. Hope to get that done the end of this month or so. She will soon be a year old, where does the time go!


  1. Poor thing, can't have been nice lying in a wet bed :( Betty was sick right in front of her cage a week or two ago (nothing drastic, she was right as rain all day afterwards) and refused to get out of her bed until we'd cleared it up...she was worried about stepping in it, maybe! Betty goes to the vet tomorrow for her annual booster and check up. Hope Ruby's spaying goes ok, Betty cried like a baby (well, she was really, about 8 months old) for an hour after we brought her home from having hers. The vet said to keep her quiet, stop her jumping up on things and short lead walks only for 10 days afterwards - some hope, after 2 days she was convinced she was 100% better and was raring to go!

    1. We hope to have it done by laproscope, more expensive but only 1 - 2 days recovery time.

  2. My goodness, the tie is flying by...

  3. Poor dear. I am glad that her bed is all nice and comfy now.

    God bless.


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