Friday, 1 February 2019

Oat and vegetable porridge...

Sounds disgusting but that's fine as it is for Ruby. I read an article recently, from a vet that feeds their dogs on a raw diet. He suggested that if you want to slightly cut down on the amount of meat, increase vegetables (therefore reducing calories) and add oats, then porridge is the way to go.

He recommends just cooking the oats first so yesterday morning, I gave it a whirl. Into a microwaveable bowl went 80g of oats and double the weight of cold water. It was cooked for 3 minutes.

Whilst that was doing, I chavelled up in my food processor, 6 medium carrots, 6 outer green leaves of a savoy cabbage, and a 1" slice of swede. This was added to the porridge and left to soak.

Once ready, I used my 2" ice cream scoop to dollop amounts into silicon cake pans and froze them:
I got 12 of those plus another 3 scoops. She was given one scoop for lunch, to test it out, along with a dried green tripe stick. The rest of the leftovers will be given over the next 2 days. Providing she tolerates them, I shall continue to do this as it is a way of filling her up and reducing calories a little.

I am also increasing her wet green tripe to one packet every other day. She adores this and it is the most beneficial but lower calorie food she can have. Watch this space!


  1. Very interesting. I have been adding a bit of pumpkin to my cats food at least once a day.

    God bless.

    1. I’ Sure what comes out the other end will let us know if they are okay.

  2. It's amazing how scientists find out all these things. I suppose wild dogs would eat crops if available.

    1. Not too sure about the oats but every now and then should be okay.


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