Saturday, 23 February 2019

The beach....

We took Ruby to the beach the other day. The sea was quite a way out but the beach was busy with people and dogs. Eventually we worked our way past them all and got to the sea.  On the way, she decided to try and catch a gull. Taking off like a rocket, ears flapping in the breeze, she was a sight to behold! Off course, she didn’t catch it, nor did she respond to our recall.

Eventually she stopped and turned to return. Even at that distance you could sense her panic as she couldn’t find us. Good I thought to myself, that will teach you to ignore us. Eventually I gave in and waved and shouted. She bombed back to us. After that, when she got more than 30’ or so away, we whistled and she came straight back.

She had a good trundle through the calm sea, getting filthy on the way back. The cafe was heaving so we parked on a road and DB got us chips and curry sauce. Once home, she was hosed clean of muck and sand and had a good sleep.


  1. A lesson learned, isn't it! She'll remember in future.

  2. Dogs and their antics, good job we love them. Chips and curry sauce sounds good.

  3. Sounds like I nice day out!

    1. Nice few hours anyway. Never spend a whole day there.

  4. They are like kids, takes awhile to listen.


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