Monday, 18 February 2019

Yuck and yum...

For tea yesterday we tried a tin of curry sauce, it was disgusting. Now my MiL used these to make a nice beef curry so I can only presume the recipe has changed. I added several things and it was still unpleasant. I won’t be buying anymore!

My new bread maker also bakes cakes so we gave one a whirl, ginger cake. The tin was a pain to line but I got there in the end. The cake took an extra 5 minutes to cook but smelled lovely. It was more like a ginger flavoured sponge yesterday, today it is better. Tastes lovely. We had a slice with sieved brambles and custard for pudding.


  1. Funny how things get changed, and not for the better! Years ago we used to have Brains faggots a lot, we tried them a year or 2 ago for the first time in yonks and they were awful, totally different taste and texture to what we remembered. The ginger cake sounds lovely.

  2. Ingredients do change over time, obviously not always for the better either. What a shame. I bet the cake made up for it though.

  3. I have done ginger cake a few times and it works really well. I do like the 2nd day as a cake so much better.


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