Thursday, 14 March 2019

A one sided affair....

DB is one of the most laid back people I know, I am not quite as chilled and am prone to turning the air blue, especially when stuck playing a level of a video game.

DB when he plays, has to put up with me having quick intakes of breath, giving him earache, trying to offer usually unwanted help. For the most part, he keeps his cool, puts up with my wittering! Occasionally I offer too much help and he shuts his game down in disgust:(

Why a one sided affair? He knows NOT to offer help unless I ask!


  1. Sounds like our house but I am the laid back one and hubby is over there on the couch cussing cause the game did not do what he wanted it to. LOL

    1. I must admit, it mainly but not exclusively happens, when I (or DB) are gaming.

  2. Tom is so laid back he can be pushed over with one finger, lol. I on the other hand am explosive and talk a lot. Chalk and cheese but it works.

    1. I try not to be too explosive but sometimes, just can't help myself.


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