Thursday, 21 March 2019


Each year, your vet invites you for annual booster vaccinations for your pets. Do they actually need them all every year? Are you simply paying when you don't need to be and for the convenience of the vets?

Below is a link to vaccines commonly available in the UK and just how often they need to be administered see here.

Just find the vaccine used on your dog and check how often it ACTUALLY needs to be given. L2 and L4 are required annualy but are often given as a joint injection with distemper, parvovirus etc. However, the later, in most vaccines, really only needs to be administered once every 3 years.

We have Ruby vaccinated annually against L2 rather than L4 as the incidents of dogs being made very unwell by the L4 are higher than those reported with the older L2.

So in this, her second year of vaccinations, despite our own vets emailing me she needs her boosters (all of them), we are going back to the other vet that carried them out, just to have an L2 booster.

It seems to depends on your lifestyle, whether you go abroad or not, whether you kennel your dogs or not etc. I guess you pays your money and make your choices.


  1. I think the same thing is true of flea treatments. I have just been and bought some flea treatment for all of the cats in readiness for the hotter weather. At the moment they do not have fleas but I only de-flea them once a year and that does the job. Also I do not use a full capsule on them and share 3-4 capsules between 5 cats.
    The vet would have me doing this every month or 3 months depending on the treatment at a huge cost to me and a very nice earner for them.
    I often wonder how animal loving vets are. Mostly they are there to make huge profits but they know that we need them.

    1. Plus encourage us to use their food.


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